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Printing Hints

walks4softies provides 3 options for printing out walk directions. The first option is the full size(A4) print of all walk pages which will print out well on most colour printers, is easy to read but gives you lots of pages to carry. The second option is the booklet print which is much more compact, needs a good colour printer and is a little more difficult to read. The third option is to buy the walk as a set of prints from the walks4softies gallery on PhotoBox, the prints are high quality optimised for printing at 6"x4". Experiment with the options to find the one suits you.

So print it out, walk and enjoy.

Full Size Print

Print the following pages out in 'Portrait' orientation on A4 paper for the your selected walk:

Area Map page.
Walk Map page.
All direction pages(up to 5).

Booklet Print

For a booklet print follow the 'Print Booklet' link on the Walk Map page then:

Print 'Pages 2 & 3' out in 'Landscape' orientation on one side of a sheet of A4 paper.
Follow the 'Next' link.
Print 'Pages 4 & 1' out in 'Landscape' orientation on the other side of the sheet of paper.
Fold the paper to create the booklet.
If the walk has more then 24 pictures follow the 'Next' link on 'Pages 4 & 1', then print out 'Page 5' in landscape.
If the walk has more then 32 pictures follow the 'Next' link on 'Page 5', then print out 'Page 6' in landscape on the other side of the sheet of paper to page 5.
Cut the page in half and bind page 5 and 6 to booklet with 'sticky tape'.


All pages on walks4softies should fit on to A4 paper but depending on your Printer, Browser or Operating System you may have to 'Scale to Fit' or 'Scale print by a percentage' before printing. You may also need to adjust the page margins before printing. See menus: 'Page setup...', 'Print preview...', 'Print setup...' or 'Print options...' depending on your web browser. You may need to experiment a little to get an acceptable print.

Photobox Print

Examples of photos that may be printed from PhotoBox.co.uk

Some walks from walks4softies can be printed from our galleries on PhotoBox, you can also print some of the views from the website. All walks and views that can be printed from PhotoBox have the following link on their pages:

Buy Prints

All new walks will be added to the walks4softies galleries. Older walks will be added when they are reviewed on the site.

The walk directions pages are optimised for printing at 6"x4", ideal for placing in an album such as these available at myPixMania. You should also be able to buy a suitable album from your local supermarket or photography shop.

PhotoBox offer low prices and unbeatable quality. In addition to having won more awards than any other online photo site, they offer personal customer support and an excellent turnaround, standard size orders made by 4pm are posted same-day by 1st. class post.

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Home > Printing Hints