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Walking Guide

On walks4softies walks are organised into areas. Each area may contain a number of walks. The more hardy walkers may like to combine two or more walks in an area into a longer walk.

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The small pictures at the top of area and walk pages give you an idea of the views that you may see during a walk. Click on these pictures to show an enlarged view.

While walking occasionally stop and look around, the best views may be behind you.


The distance shows the approximate length of the walk and is shown in miles and kilometres.


All walks on walks4softies are assigned a difficulty which defines the difficulty of the terrain. Associated with each walk difficulty is a recommendation for suitable footwear. See table:

Difficulty Terrain characteristics Suitable footwear
Easy Some steps and/or uneven ground. Some slight hills. Trainers
Moderate Some rough ground. Some hills. Stout shoes
Difficult Some very rough ground. Some steep hills. Walking boots

After rain the ground may be very wet and muddy making walking more difficult, assume a step up in difficulty.


The climb shows how much uphill walking you will have to do. It shows the approximate total height (to the nearest 100 feet or 30 meters) for all the uphill parts of the walk.


The month during which the walk directions pictures were taken. The views for an area or walk may be from a different date.

The Maps

The maps on walks4softies are not to scale. The scale of parts of the map may have been modified to aid clarity. For maps that are to scale try the multimap.com link on the area page associated with the walk.

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Preparation - While Walking - Disclaimer
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