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Time/Calories: Scratchy Bottom

The number of calories you use on a walk depends on you and the walk.

The walk distance, any hills you have to climb and the difficulty of the paths all affect the number of calories used while walking.

The idea of path difficulty is illustrated by the fact that it is much easier to walk on the promenade than on the soft, dry sand on the beach. The wet sand on the beach is somewhere between these extremes of difficulty. Why not try it next time you are near the beach?

The number of calories you use on a walk also depends on your weight and on how fast you walk.

The form at the bottom of the table allows you to enter your name and weight, when you click on the 'Add' button it will add your details to the table.

On walks4softies we believe that walking is an excellent family or group activity. Why not add all the members of your group to the table?

Walk Details

Walk: Lulworth > Scratchy Bottom
Distance: 1.7 miles / 2.7 km
Climb: 390 feet / 118 m
Difficulty: Moderate

2 mph

3 mph

4 mph

Walking Time

1 hr 30 mins 1 hr 0 mins 45 mins



2 mph

3 mph

4 mph

A Walker 10 st 0 lbs / 64 kg 300 kcal 270 kcal 270 kcal
Enter name:
Select weight:


The numbers in the above table are approximate, they do not allow for stopping for a picnic or looking at the view.

The walking speeds in the table headings is your usual speed on flat easy paths. Climbing hills and more difficult paths will slow you down.

To burn off 1 pound of fat you will need to use up 3600 kcal.

To burn off 1 kilo of fat you will need to use up 7900 kcal.

Losing weight needs some exercise such as walking and a calorie controlled diet.

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